Lucy – Wow! Everything about this young lady is fabulous. Her communication was prompt, and she always replied to messages I sent her. Organising an encounter with her was simply a pleasure, and a discrete cash deposit into her account confirmed the booking. Upon arriving at her incall, I was greeted by a beautiful lady, dressed impeccably and her ballerina figure, subtle curves, and beautiful long legs were accentuated by expensive silk stockings and delicate high-heeled footwear. She has a striking resemblance to a Hollywood star, beautiful eyes, a gorgeous smile and her makeup was flawless. If you respect Lucy, you will be rewarded in spades. I, personally have a foot fetish which Lucy was aware of. She playfully and skilfully teased me which only served to stimulate my desire to make love to this gorgeous lady. We engaged in a submissive role-play and Lucy allowed me to take charge, removing her footwear and stockings before devouring her soft, perfectly pedicured, dainty feet. Following this, I undressed her to be greeted by expensive underwear which was covering a natural, firm, petite body and flawless complexion. My fantasy revolved around intimate, gentle and erotic lovemaking! Her soft lips and tongue skilfully worked their way around my member. Her genuine climax shuddered through her body and she kissed me like a real girlfriend would, caring and lovingly. , However I have a sneaking suspicion she could just as easily be an absolute hellcat between the sheets if that was the encounter so desired. I want to see Lucy again… and again. And you will too. If you live in Perth, or if you can see her when she’s touring you should make a point of engaging with this one in a million lady. You will not be disappointed.

-Simon T
August , 2019

Quite possibly the best cuddles I’ve ever had

Freddie Snow

August, 2019

I was pretty nervous when I met Lucy, it was my first time. I think she knew. She gestured for me to come out of the corner, and as I moved closer she slowly unbuttoned her top. She leaned in to kiss me, then stopped and smiled at me. I don’t want to explain every detail…but it was 2 hours of pure delight. I didn’t know what I was doing but Lucy certainly did! We talked for a while afterwards about our favourite movies, what it’s like growing up a 90’s kid and she gave me some great sex tips for next time. She unlocked a lot in me, truly an experience I won’t forget.

June, 2019

I met Lucy when I travelled to Australia for business and I sure am upset I don’t live closer to book her again and again! She arrived wearing a gorgeous little black dress and beautiful jewellery. Our time together didn’t feel at all rushed or transactional. She sat next to me as we sipped champagne, talked about our travels, interesting cultural differences and our favourite music videos. She has such an interesting mind full of cultural and creative insight! I could of talked to her all night…but I had to get her out of that dress. I slid my hands up her toned legs and removed her blue silk lingerie as she proceeded to climb on top of me and kiss me down my chest and then gave me life changing head. The rest was a whirlwind of sex, laughs and amazing chemistry. I won’t disclose too many more details as our time was so special. She really is a true courtesan.

July, 2019

I couldn’t believe Lucy was real when she walked in, her long sexy hair swayed as she stepped through the doorway. I’ll never forget the way she looked at me, how her lip curled as though she knew something about me, something I didn’t. 

I removed her dress to reveal a petite and fit body, something that sparked and invigorated something in me. I grabbed her by the waist, then she grabbed me harder. In the heat of the moment, I was honest, rough, raw. I’ll never forget this experience.

May, 2019

I just had the most outrageous and wonderful experience with Lucy and two of her friends, Kendall Heidi and Riley Morgan. All three were not only warm and charming but very naughty young ladies. what a wonderful experience. And my god what a special and refined woman Lucy is!

February, 2019

What a lovely lady. She really likes to please!!! Beautiful, and well spoken, really went the extra mile for me.

December, 2019

Lucy is Devine! Really difficult to find a single better word for such a sensual, drop dead gorgeous, relaxed, hot bodied young girl. Great communications leading up to our booking, Lucy arrived bang on time. I almost did a double take as I literally could not believe my eyes! We quickly started deep french kissing and my hands gravitated from her slender thighs and up her short skirt. She came wearing the red high end designer lingerie in her photos….wow! Just incredible. Moving to the bedroom I found a very responsive sexual partner to enjoy what can only be described as exquisite sex. I would strongly advise to pay a little more for the more explicit rate. I adore this girl and would see her at least twice weekly if I lived in Melbourne. Just have to hope her sexual adventures take her nearer my home. Book Lucy….lots!! xx

November , 2018

Was a pleasure to meet Lucy on her Canberra tour. A beautiful young woman, she has an effortless and down to earth charm that puts one immediately at ease. She was great fun to spend time with, had bright eyes with a twinkle, and an enviable peach!

June , 2018

This was by far the most personable experience I have ever had with an escort, we met for ‘dinner and dessert’ where we shared stories about our lives laughed together, Lucy is an incredibly bright young girl, we flirted with each other the sexual tension built throughout our dinner, she was eager to find out about my sexual fantasies and how she could please please me. her foot ran dangerously high up my leg under the table and as soon as we were alone in the elevator she was kissing my neck and furiously trying to unbutton my shirt. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other and when we got into my hotel room I immediately threw her down on the bed, I made Lucy cum three times orally before penetrating her tiny pussy, although I hate wearing condoms Lucy made me cum with one on which is extremely rare for me, you can tell that Lucy legitimately loves her job, I strongly recommend Lucy not just because the sex was mind blowing but because she’s truly a unique and wonderful young girl worth getting to know, I am glad to have had the pleasure of her company 10/10 would do again.

June , 2018

I only intended to see Lucy for one hour but that easily turned into a multiple hour booking when she dazzled me with her beauty, company and energy. It really is a shame she can’t show her face because it looks like something that belongs on the cover of a magazine. Oh how I love an escort with a beautiful face! But of course looks are just the tip of the iceberg. Lucy made me feel at ease from the moment I was in her company. She truly makes you forget where you are. She told me all about her new degree she’s working on, her future travel plans and she listened to me vent about my stressful year and even gave me some fresh perspective on life’s ups and downs. Now as for the sex… I don’t want to give too much away but she has immense energy and is happy to go from position to position (which I love). By the time the third hour rolled around it had only felt like 30 minutes. Time flies when you’re having fun..and Lucy is certainly so much more than fun!

June , 2018